quake2: Quake2

Name:quake2 Vendor:ps3bodega
Version:r0.16.1 License:GPL
Release:3.ydl6.bdg URL:
Summary Linux-oriented changes and enhancements to id Software Quake2 3.21. Demo data can be downloaded automatically. Otherwise the original game data files are required.

Arch: ppc

Build Date:Fri Jul 25 17:11:40 2008
Packager:Bill Blake <billb{%}ydl{*}net>
Size:4.17 MiB


* Fri Jul 25 18:00:00 2008 Bill Blake <billb{%}ydl{*}net>
- Added patch to use SDL ASYNCBLIT for increased FPS on
- SMP systems (like the PS3)
* Mon Jul 14 18:00:00 2008 Bill Blake <billb{%}ydl{*}net>
- Updated to use Autodownloader for fetching and installing Quake 2
- demo files (inspired by vavoom).
- Corrected location of quake2.xpm icon
* Sat Mar 8 17:00:00 2008 Bill Blake <billb AT>
- Hacked Fabrice Colin's hack of Matthias Saou's frozen-bubble.spec ;-)

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